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We hope you will enjoy using this page to see all the exciting things we have been up to.

Class 5 have had a great start to the new term, and have been working really hard! We have enjoyed learning about ‘The Tiger who came to tea’ and ‘On the way home’ in English and are getting ready to innovate our own fantastic stories. In maths we have been doing some amazing counting and in Geography we are going to start creating our own globes which we can’t wait to share with you. Last week we learnt about the continents and came up with some actions for each one. See below for some of our favourite moments from the first couple of weeks.



Home Learning

Hi Class 5,

As we move forward into the last couple of weeks of home learning, here are some more photos of all the fantastic things you have been up to! You have all continued to do a fantastic job of working so hard and should be very proud of yourselves! I am very excited to see you all in a couple of week’s time! Love from, Miss Tucker.

Week Beginning 27th April

Hello Class 5,

I hope you’ve all had a good few weeks and have continued to do a fantastic job with your home learning. It has been lovely catching up with many of you on the phone. See below for some photos of what your friends in Class 5 have been up to – including nature pictures, baking, doing sports, mask making and gardening! Keep up the great work! Love from, Miss Tucker.

Week Beginning 20th April

Hello,Class 5! Well done on another week of home learning. It has been so lovely hearing and seeing all the things you have been up to these past few weeks and I can see how hard you have been working! We are very lucky that it has been sunny nearly every day, which means a lot of your learning can be done outside. Please see below for some more photos of what Class 5 have been up to. If you haven’t already, email me to let me know how you have been getting on – I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Love from, Miss Tucker.

Easter Holidays

Hi Class 5, I hope you have all had a lovely Easter holiday break and have been enjoying the sunshine! It feels strange not coming back into school after the holidays but I hope you are ready for your learning again – you have all been doing an amazing job so far! It has been lovely seeing what you have been up to – see below for a selection of photos from Class 5 over the past few weeks which includes bug hunting, exploring, Easter card making, bread creating and many more exciting activities! Remember to email photos of what you have been up to so that I can share them on our Class blog. Love from, Miss Tucker.

Hello Class 5!

It has been a strange couple of weeks not being at school, but we hope you have settled into doing your learning at home. It has been so lovely to hear from you, and to see some photos of the fantastic work you have been doing. Please find some of the lovely rainbow pictures that were completed yesterday, which I hope will brighten your day! If you haven’t done so already, please email me so that I can hear how you have been getting on. Love from, Miss Tucker.

World Book Day

Today we had so much fun dressing up as our favourite book characters! We had a great time looking at everyone’s costumes and talking about why we had chosen our character. We then had some time to chose our favourite book and read these, sharing our best bits with others in the class. See below for some of our costumes and see if you can guess who we were!

3D Shape – Marshmallows and Spaghetti!

We had so much fun creating 3D shapes from marshmallows and spaghetti! We recapped the main 3D shapes and were then challenged to create a cube, cuboid, pyramid and triangular prism – we quickly realised we could not create a sphere or cone because of their curved edges. We used our creations to work out how many faces, vertices and edges each shape had. See below for some of our work!

Data collection!

These past few weeks we have been learning all about data collection and presentation. This week we received an important letter asking us to help collect data on KS1’s favourite fruit and vegetables. Working in groups of five, we thoughtfully designed a tally chart to ask another KS1 class and then collected the information. Additionally, we presented this data as a pictogram and block graph. We then analysed our data to identify which fruits and vegetables were least and most popular across KS1 and presented this to the class. See below for some photos of our work!

International Day – Africa!

Today we had so much fun learning all about Africa. We started by taking part in an African Dance workshop. The song we learnt came from a country in Africa, called Ghana. There were lots of steps involved, and we had so much fun learning to shimmy and shake! We then performed our dances in front of Class 6, who were very impressed with our moves!
In the afternoon, we then had a really interesting talk from Miss Major who went trekking with gorillas in Rwanda. She showed us some amazing photos! We were then tasked to create our own African jungle, and carefully drew a picture of a gorilla to stick on. They looked lovely and we really enjoyed creating them!

See below for some of our best bits!

Buddy reading (Spring Term)

This term Class 5 have started buddy reading with Class 2. Every week Class 5 practise reading their favourite books at home, and then read them aloud to their buddy in reception on a Thursday afternoon. Afterwards they have the chance to talk about the story and recap their favourite bits again – it has been so much fun!

Bread making!

We had so much fun creating our own white bread rolls. We started by carefully reading our instructions and then followed these step by step to create a sticky dough. We then kneaded this dough and split it in half to create two bread rolls. We left them to rise and then put them into the oven for 20 minutes to bake – they looked and tasted amazing, and we had a great time working as a team to make them!


After lots of rehearsals and singing lessons, today the children in year 2 performed their Christmas Nativity - ‘The Meaning of Christmas’. All of the children did an amazing job. We had great singing, fantastic narrating and super actors all performing on the stage. It was a lovely start to Christmas. A massive well done to class 5 and class 6! Thank you to all of the parents, family and friends who came to watch. We hope you enjoyed it!

October 2019

We had a really busy end to our first half term in Class 5! In Science we investigated how our bodies react to exercise and finished our unit by using glitter to represent how germs are spread. We put some glitter on our hands and then rubbed them together, shaking them with our classmates. We realised how quickly and easily germs spread, so practiced good hand washing!

We then finished off the week by creating some lovely winter scenes. We painted some Autumn sunset backgrounds, adding a tree silhouette and fox to finish our picture off.

Completed globes!

This week we completed our globes by cutting out and sticking on the 7 continents. We had so much fun making them and can’t wait to use them to help us remember features of the world!

September 2019

We have already been back at school two weeks, and had a really exciting start to the term! This week we started creating our own globes for our Geography unit of work, which we are going to use to help us name the World’s continents and oceans. We began the process by carefully covering a balloon with newspaper, PVA glue and kitchen-roll. Next week we will be going on to paint our globes blue, ready to stick our continents on.



Gore Farm

Class 5 enjoyed their last trip of the year, to Gore Farm this week. It was a lovely sunny day and we started by bug hunting and pond dipping. We found newts, water boatmen and dragonfly larvae! We then enjoyed a lovely walk down to the woods and competed against each other in groups to make stick dens. We had to think carefully about where we put our dens and worked brilliantly in teams to create them together. We had so much fun!

Haynes Motor Museum - 6th June

Class 5 had a very exciting day at Haynes Motor Museum! We all had a go at three different activities. This included learning about the parts of a car, then having a go at making one by ourselves. We soon realised it worked better as a production line, because there are so many parts to remember and some of them were very fiddly! We also had a look around the whole museum, and had the challenge of finding as many car mascots as possible. We finished off with a guided tour and learned about cars throughout the ages – Miss Tucker had to dress up and chose two people to ride on the earliest invented car with her. It was very high up! We also all had a go at sitting in one of the first American cars…they were massive! We learnt so many new interesting facts ready for our new transport unit.

Arts week!

Class 5 finished the first busy summer term with an African themed arts week. We had so much fun mixing colours to make sunset pictures and especially enjoyed designing and painting some tribal masks which you can see below!

May 2019

Our recent Geography topic has been all about Kenya! Following on from our exciting trip to Longleat, we had homework over Easter to write or create something related to Kenya. Everybody worked really hard and some of us created safari animals, which have gone on display in our own mini safari!

During our Kenya topic we also learnt all about the Maasai Mara, a tribe who live in South West Kenya. We each created a fact file about the Maasai Mara and watched a video on their traditional jumping dance. We were so impressed at how high they could jump that we went outside to have a go to ourselves!

March 2019

Class 5 were really excited to receive the ‘cleanest classroom’ award last term. We’ve been working really hard to keep our classroom tidy and rewarded with some tasty treats, as well as £50 to spend on our class! We bought lots of new, exciting books for our classroom, which we have enjoyed reading and sharing as a class at the end of each day.

Class 5 have been really excited this term to begin buddy reading. Every Thursday they bring in one of their favourite stories and read it to somebody in Class 1, who also do the same. This has helped class 5 develop their reading skills and we have also been practicing using expression in our voices when we read! We then talk about our stories and which parts we enjoyed the most.

February 2019

On February 6th we were very lucky to be able to celebrate China Day! We spent time learning all about the Chinese New year and then had a special visitor who taught us some traditional Chinese dancing, using the famous dragon and lion costumes. We then spent the afternoon making lots of Chinese decorations including pig Chinese lanterns, colourful paper dragons, detailed pictures, spiral dragons and used pink paper strips to make pigs. We then enjoyed learning some traditional Mandarin phrases, which we practiced and shared with our friends.

Class 5 have also been working really hard on our maths this term. We spent a couple of weeks looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, going on shape hunts to find common shapes in the classroom. We found that rectangles and cubes were most commonly found and can be seen in items such as lunchboxes, drawers, books and doors. To help us understand more about 3D shape we were set a challenge…using only marshmallows and spaghetti we had to carefully create 3D shapes! We started with a cube to practice our skills and then some of us moved on to more difficult shapes such as cuboids and pyramids. We also discovered that it was impossible to make some of our 3D shapes such as spheres, because they have curved edges and faces, and our spaghetti was straight!

Class 5 have had a really busy Spring term so far!

January 2019

We started off the beginning of the year with a bread unit, which included tasting and then eventually making our own bread rolls! We tasted lots of different exciting breads including pitta bread, tortilla wraps and white and brown bread and looked at which other breads can be found all over the world. Our overall favourite was the white bread, but not many of us liked the tortilla wrap on its own.

After we had sampled the breads, we then spent time learning about how bread rolls are made. We created our own instructions for making bread rolls and then had a go ourselves! We really enjoyed weighing out the ingredients but found the kneading part tricky. We waited patiently for our bread rolls to rise and then sampled them…yummy!

Balloon Globes!

Class 5 have been working really hard for the past term to make some lovely continent balloons. First we had to carefully papier-mâché a balloon. We then painted our balloons blue and stuck on the seven continents using green paper. This has helped us learn and remember the continents of the world.

Year 2 wedding!

Class 5 have settled well into Year 2 and have had a really exciting start to the term!

In R.E we have been learning all about Christian weddings. To help us understand what happens during a Christian wedding, we held a year group wedding of our own last week. We all chose our favourite smart wedding outfits and watched the bride and groom (alongside their best men and bridesmaids!) get married. There was even a best man’s speech and wedding cake for us all to try…it was so much fun!

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