Huish Primary School Curriculum Intent and Rationale

At Huish Primary School, we value each child as an individual with a unique potential for learning. Our aim is to enable each child, regardless of need, to participate fully in current and future society as a responsible, self-confident learner. We believe that an effective curriculum offers knowledge, skills, understanding and progression. At Huish it is ambitious as it enriches and enlivens the standards set out in the National Curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to reflect the background and experience of our pupils who live in a semi rural town; it celebrates our diversity but looks to develop understanding of other cultures in Great Britain and globally. Our curriculum is rich, exciting and diverse, but most importantly, it is accessible to all because we ensure all children have the skills they need to engage with their learning at every level.

Our curriculum is underpinned by elements of our six pillars:

High Expectations

‘All children who are part of the Huish Academy Trust have the right to an education that challenges, excites and motivates them to persevere and work hard at reaching their aspirations.  Our Growth Mindset approach encourages children to be resilient, self-motivated learners who exhibit perseverance, reflection and aspiriation'

Outstanding Teaching and Curriculum

‘Our children will be taught a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum by excellent teachers who will ensure all children are achieving outcomes which enable them to be confident and aspirational citizens.’

Excellent Behaviour

‘Children need to be in a learning environment which fosters a sense of worth and an understanding of how the right attitudes enable us to learn.  We aim to develop emotionally intelligent, well balanced children as a means of underpinning positive behaviours'

Firm Foundations in English and Maths

‘The Huish Academy Trust spends recognises the crucial importance of the mastery of reading, writing and mathematics. This in turn will enable them to develop their skills in every other subject.’


‘Respect for their school, and community is an integral part of our vision. Taking pride in themselves, in their work, friends, school and surroundings, enables learners to engage with their world in a confident, thoughtful way.  This is all encompassed in our Golden Rules’

Digital Literacy

‘Digital Literacy plays a vital role in supporting a child’s ability to succeed both in school and throughout their lives as global citizens.  At the Huish Academy Trust, we use technology to enhance Quality First classroom learning, across all classes.’

All of this will be done because the children and their education will matter more than anything else. Every child will have the best possible start and will be ready to transfer to the next stage of their education and their future lives.

Curriculum Design

Knowledge Engaged Approach

Knowledge underpins and enables the application of skill. We strive for children to learn skills alongside knowledge, ensuring that both explicitly are developed. At Huish Primary School we see knowledge and skills as intertwined. We believe that this is important for making the curriculum relevant and meaningful to pupils and for putting knowledge into context.

Following discussions with staff we have identified the key concepts in our curriculum design;

  • Balance of time, subject content and skills development
  • Breadth across a full range of subjects
  • Subject Integrity – each unit will have a discrete subject focus
  • Interweaving of discrete subjects through appropriate cross curricular links
  • Relevance to pupils’ needs and local contexts
  • Coherence so that content inter-relates
  • Equitable Delivery for all pupils regardless of need
  • Progression to extend learning, knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Continuity that links existing with new subject knowledge
  • Knowledge linked to learning in and across subject divides
  • Conceptual learning applied in a variety of contexts across the curriculum
  • Skills development in relation to accessing learning, deepening learning and ensuring progression
  • Deepening understanding by using the Mastery approach
  • Attitudes to learning and attitudes about learning
  • Subject vocabulary will be discretely taught allowing pupils to access knowledge


Core Learning Values

Every unit of work addresses three core learning values

Independent Learner

  • Self-questioning: ask questions and identify problems which need to be solved.
  • Self-confident: persevere; manage risks in order to master new skills, knowledge and concepts.
  • Self-reflective: identify misconceptions; assess progress; recognise misconceptions; evaluate experiences; identify next steps.

Confident Communicator

  • Empathetic: recognise emotions and motivations of self and others.
  • Participate in discussion, dialogue and debate – active listening together with explaining, describing and questioning, valuing their own and others’ contributions.
  • Present ideas accurately through written and spoken forms.

Global Citizen

  • Understand issues affecting themselves, the global community and the environment.
  • Respect themselves, the global community and the environment.
  • Proactive: seek to improve themselves, their community and the environment.

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