Science at Huish


‘Curiosity is the engine of achievement’

Sir Ken Robinson

Our Vision

At Huish Primary School, our vision is to ignite and build upon our pupil’s natural curiosity to explore and discover a deeper understanding of the world we live in. In addition, promoting respect, care and appreciation of our natural world and all its phenomena.

Concepts will be developed through ‘working scientifically’, a practical enquiry approach allowing pupils to develop core skills by observing changes, noticing patterns, grouping and classifying, developing fair tests and using secondary resources.

Our units of study are made relevant and efforts are made to link to their own experiences, using cross-curricular skills and ideas.

In addition, lessons foster a development of vocabulary,communication, teamwork and a passion to discover more.

We endeavour to provide experiences that will increase our pupil’s enjoyment for this subject, to appreciate the contributions Science has made to the present world and promote STEM careers. Our school is currently involved in using STEM ambassadors from the world of industry, such as BAE systems and THALES. As well as offering ‘Imagineering’ club in Y6.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Plants: identify common plants, trees and flowers
Animals, including humans: identify common animals, basic structure of
animals, basic body parts and senses
Everyday Materials: basic names and properties
Seasonal changes: changes across seasons, weather and day length
Living things and their habitats: living/not living, habitats, microhabitats and
simple food chains
Plants: seed and bulb growth and what plants need
Animals, including humans: growth and life cycles, basic needs, exercise and diet
Uses of everyday materials: types and properties, simple changes eg bending
and twisting.
Plants: parts and functions, requirements for growth, water transport and life
cycle of flowering plants.
Animals, including humans: nutrition, skeletons, muscles and movement
Rocks: rocks, soils and fossils
Light: light, shadows and sun safety
Forces and Magnets: simple forces, friction and magnetism
Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Living Things and their Habitats: classification, habitats and environmental
Animals, including humans: digestive system, teeth and food chains
States of Matter: solids, liquids, gases, heating, cooling and the water cycle
Sound: sound, vibrations, pitch and volume
Electricity: simple circuits, switches, conductors and insulators

Living things and their Habitats: life cycles and reproduction in plants and animals
Animals, including humans: human development and animal gestation
Properties and Changes of Materials: Properties, dissolving, separation, filtration, and changes

Earth and Space: movements of Earth, planets and moon in relation to the sun, inc. day/night
Forces: gravity, friction, air and water resistance, levers, pulleys and gears

Living things and their Habitats: classification
Animals, including Humans: circulatory, digestive and water systems and healthy living
Evolution and Inheritance: evolution, fossils and adaptation
Light: how light travels and shadows
Electricity: circuits and battery energy

Skills Progression


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